The Hollow Men

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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 03:16

Most of the time, as you go about your day wearing the wrong size pants, you 8767 ll be able to ignore how it feels. You 8767 ve got other things to think about, more important stuff to deal with. But the discomfort is always quietly there as background noise. If you have a minute in which you don 8767 t have anything else to do, your discomfort with the badly-fitting pants might come back up to the top of your mind, and you 8767 ll think about how you 8767 d really rather have a pair of pants that fits you and wish you were home so you could change.

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Imagine that you 8767 re wearing a pair of pants one size too small. Imagine the way the pants pinch your waist, bind your thighs, and ride up at your ankles. It 8767 s a relatively minor discomfort, and i probably doesn 8767 t look too bad. If you don 8767 t have another pair of pants to wear, you can deal with it. It 8767 s workable, even if you 8767 re not really comfortable.

Thank you for posting this wonderful article. It really gives me strength, i actually just share this on my timeline so that people would able to read this and realize that yeah we trans women are worthy to be seen in public with man that were no difference from a woman they seem to know well.
8775 We are not secrets. We are not shameful. We are worthy of respect, desire, and love. As there are many kinds of women, there are many kinds of men, and many men desire many kinds of women, trans women are amongst these women. And let’s be clear: Trans women are women 8776 I LOVE THIS!

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My life has never been what others wanted it to be but my own. Who I am is really none of anyone 8767 s business. I am a Post op transexual and the men I have dated before were all straight men who knew what they wanted to be with. Most will hide in the dark but just as nice in the light. men are men and the ONE reason they seek Trans women is because we 8767 re are REAL. We don 8767 t hate yet struggle hard to live our own happy life.

Fuck that I couldn 8767 t deal with the 8775 shame and humiliation 8776 of BEING a trans-woman. But I got over it, and now I’m finally myself and alive and not hiding and I need to tell you (men) that self-acceptance is the ONLY way to be alive.

EVERYTHING you said truly lifted my spirits, because as a trans-loving person, the things you wrote are things I think about driving to work, in the grocery story- what we 8775 8776 call, 8766 on the regular 8767 . These are some of the many important topics that need to be brought to the table. So, THANK YOU, for doing what you do and will continue to do for our community!

I 8767 ve tried various approaches to dealing with my gender over the course of my life. I 8767 ve tried dressing and acting in a more feminine way, and I 8767 ve tried dressing and acting as an androgynous or masculine woman. It still doesn 8767 t feel right, even all the way over on the butch end of the spectrum. I 8767 ve never felt good about calling myself a woman or being referred to as 8775 she. 8776 The discomfort with my body has grown slowly worse as I 8767 ve gotten older. I couldn 8767 t tell you why, but that 8767 s how it is.

I agree with what you say, but want to point out something: many of us who have transitioned have dropped the 8775 trans 8776 label, if we ever used it all. We always felt we were female, that we were women, and once transitioned, we are officially female. I think the 8775 trans 8776 label confuses a lot of people, that it suggests we are something less than female. The media of which I am part doesn 8767 t help matters by labelling transitioned women with the 8775 transgender 8776 title (see the Jenna Talackova affair). If we want the media to stop using it, we need to stop using it and so do the organizations that support us like like GLAAD.

No disrespect, but your reply is the very definition of cissexist bigotry, from start to finish. Your reduction of 8775 real 8776 womanhood to a set of reproductive physical features is what makes it cissexist. Your ranking of women 8767 s bodies based on those same reproductive features is what makes it sexist, as well.

Thank you so much for the article, it will only change when most of society see the TG community as 8766 normal 8767 and valuable, it only took me meeting one for me to realize they were both real and sincere.

My parents didn 8767 t force or even really push me to be 8775 girly 8776 as a child I chose swimming classes over ballet, didn 8767 t wear dresses most of the time, and played with toy cars and trucks as much as I played with dolls or stuffed animals. When playing pretend with my friends, I was the dad when we played house and the prince when we played princesses. It didn 8767 t seem significant to me then, and I didn 8767 t object to being considered a tomboy.

Women come in all shapes sizes and experiences. Women from the trans community are indeed women. And miggzzybaby if you want to wear a mask and be treated like a monkey I 8767 m willing to put you in a cage and let you hang out with the other monkeys. Far be it for me to not do so.

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