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c. hold such other qualifications as are acceptable to the Research Degrees Committee - in such cases the applicant must satisfy the Committee of fitness to undertake further advanced work on the basis of the standard of achievement in, and the relevance of, previous higher education studies, professional experience and published research work.

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The decision of the Special Appeals Committee is final and no further avenues of appeal exist within the University. For external appeals see clause .

Academic regulations for Higher Degrees by Research

The Statement of Agreement shall inform the review of progress and, along with the student's progress plan, any decisions relating to applications for:


The published work may be based on or manifested in rigorous experimental, theoretical, creative, empirical and/or design inquiry. The standard for the degree will be the same as that required for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at University of South Australia.

Students required to undertake an oral defence of the thesis who require variation to the arrangements for their oral defence due to special circumstances may submit a request for variation to the Examinations and HDR Academic Quality Panel. Variations may include an exemption from undertaking the oral defence only in extenuating circumstances.

The submission of a non-standard thesis will require the approval of the Associate Dean: Research Education before being presented for examination.

In the event that a problem which is impeding progress is not resolved through the review procedure, the research degree student has the right to submit a case to the Dean of Graduate Studies for investigation. Where possible a problem will be dealt with at the local level and will involve as few people as possible. Problems should not be escalated before attempting local resolution.

Special circumstances, as outlined on the Study Assist government website, are those which include, but are not limited to, medical, family, personal, employment or course related circumstances which were:

Where a case is referred to a Associate Dean: Research Education or the Dean of Graduate Studies, they will have access to the data stored regarding the initial inquiry relating to that case, and to any other cases recorded against that research degree student, in order to assist in the determination.

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