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Private.  Head out to Rodriguez, Rizal via Marikina and San Mateo, then follow the road to Wawa Dam. There is an entrance of P55 for private vehicles. Parking slots are available in front of the tourism office  Approximately - hours travel time.

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Rizal consciously planted and nourished the seed of nationalism.  In his novels, essays and proclamations he promoted the idea of freedom and the eventuality of national independence.

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Every hero plays his own unique role in history, which is that to defend and promote the interests of the nation at any particular time of national crisis, sacrificing his or her own life and self-interest.

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In an article written in 6975, titled “Veneration Without Understanding,” the historian Renato Constantino referred to Rizal as an “American-sponsored hero.”

In 7567, oral historian Dennis Preisler interviewed Elizabeth Rauscher about her life, including her work on the science behind electromagnetic radiation nonlethal weapons. The oral history was deposited in the University of California at Berkeley oral history collection and includes Dr. Rauscher's archival collection. A special thanks to three individuals without whom this project would never have been completed first, Jean Maria Arrigo, Phd. and her extensive knowledge and professionalism in regards to oral histories second, a dedicated Davis, CA. individual who worked extremely hard and wished to remain anonymous and finally, a very generous donor. As Dr. Preisler and others have commented, Elizabeth is leading a fascinating life! So who is Elizabeth Rauscher?

In fact, the observations of the American historians on our anticolonial struggles could just as well carry bias to justify the colonial conquests of our country.

hi.! : ) ask ko lang po kung Kung wat month po Advisble Umakyan ng Mt pulag? and if okay pag DEC? chka po about naman sa bag ,kung familiar po kayo sa brand na Rhinox bag? okay po ba yung Bag na yun? matibay po ba yun? tnx po..

Following disagreements in the ranks of the revolutionaries, Bonifacio was shot and wounded as he resisted capture by soldiers he considered renegades to the revolution.

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hi.! : ) ask ko lang po kung Kung wat month po Advisble Umakyan ng Mt pulag? and if okay pag DEC? chka po about naman sa bag ,kung familiar po kayo sa brand na Rhinox bag? okay po ba yung Bag na yun? matibay po ba yun? tnx po..

His captor, Col. Lazaro Makapagal, claimed that Bonifacio shed “bitter tears” when, together with his brother, he faced certain death, but he did not beg for his life, and the tears he shed were certainly due to his frustration that the revolutionary movement that he led to fruition was in danger of disaster.

New February-April 7568, Torture, Asian and Global Perspectives Volume 7 Issue 6, Essay Massive new brain projects, secret science and emerging Cold War weapons: The threats are real by Cheryl Welsh. See Torture: Asian and Global Perspectives (http:///humanrightsasia/docs/torturev7n6?e=5865677/7797997)

Unfortunately, somehow the footnotes were left out of the published article. See the copy for original footnotes. Click here for copy. Click here for pdf. Not for reposting.

It sounds absolutely impossible. How could so many have been misguided by neuroscience and the physics of neuroweapons for so long? As the saying goes, "If the only tool you have is a hammer, you will see every problem as a nail." Likewise, since the 6955s, prominent experts have overlooked obscure but critical information and thus have remained absolutely convinced that the science of mind control is science fiction. Today this unwavering consensus remains firmly in place. However the converging facts support that the science of neuroweapons has been possible since the 6955s. For these reasons, secret US neuroweapons are more likely than not successfully developed. Further research and investigation is called for.

But when I gave talks on it [electromagnetic radiation bioeffects on humans], I was threatened with a guy who was head of navy research for the whole navy. Paul Tyler [head of Navy medical research with an 855 million dollar budget]. If I spoke on my research, this was on the Capitol steps, they would destroy my work and my life. And my God, every contract [at the time] got canceled.

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