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Date of publication: 2017-09-06 06:38

Now replace "my boss" with whatever the name of your "god" is, it doesn't work, your god is not a universal truth, it does not work.
"Any sane person recognizes god as a separate entity."
Apparently the world is crazy - there is no agreement and never has been on the long list of gods.
So again - I questions their sanity - . their understanding of reality.
I never implyed to know the thoughts of another. Thats imposible without having a dialog and or watching their behaviors.
But I do know, based on evidence, an understanding of all peoples of this world, the history of this world and its peoples that humans have no universal truth when they claim to have knowledge of a god.

God vs god - The Days of Noah - Babylon Rising: And The

When you choose to believe that God doesn't exist, it is choice made on your personal faith in the integrity and ability of humankind to interpret accurately the facts that we are presented.

Playing God and the Intrinsic Value of Life: Moral

The IDEA. of experimenting on your own CHILDREN!? The IDEA of 'experimenting' on ANY living creature: the IDEA of scientific experimentation is. STUPID.

Playing God - Top Documentary Films

This was probably the best balanced Christian look at evolution I've seen. I was only really thrown off by his reaction to "ultra-Darwinism". His rejection of the concept of memes, because they suggest that the very ideas of memes and Darwinism are themselves just memes, seems close-minded. It is in this corner I believe science and religion confront each other. His predisposition to belief causes him to reject a theory that suggests truth may be unattainable or relative. I think it's fairly obvious that all social ideas are learned behaviors, including religion and science. Both are still present today because the minds utilizing them found them useful and passed them on.

The ding-dong arguments between the bigots of science and religion (given plenty of airtime in this documentary) demonstrate that they are two sides of the same loathesome coin. Dawkins and the other Ultra Darwinists belong in a Creationist museum - maybe in a tar-pit alongside the other animatronics.

now as much fun as this is. we can trade fictional quotes all day or do you have a point or better yet evidence one way or another regarding the documentary ??

As I grow older, I become more aware of the senseless
violence we humans perpetrate. Whether this violence is
committed through ignorance, greed, or sheer evil is hard to say.
For example, a few years ago I witnessed two dogs being purposely
run over by callous human beings. Unfortunately, other such acts are easily remembered by most of us. What happened to Lucy is part of the same
horror, and made me think once again: we humans will have a lot
to answer for if there is an afterlife that includes any kind of moral
reckoning. Until then, we should be thankful that most wild animals
fear, rather than come to love, human beings. What a pity life can be.

I think the work is refreshing, especially for me, because I am compelled to think differently than say an atheist. However, I love science and am more inclined to follow the Theories of Evolution than any other Theory. I like to listen to ideas, critically think about them, and then make me judgement which is probably wrong. :)

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