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12 Ideas for More Interactive Presentations - BLOG

Date of publication: 2017-08-27 01:11

I experimented with the optimal number for teasing, and I found (from my experience) that three times is best. I noticed that the first 8 teases raise the energy of the room and after that, it starts to drop. I would suggest you do your test and see how that works for you.

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There are two reasons to why I am sharing this piece of information with you about attention spans. The first is that I want you to add more engagement devices to your presentations so that you can keep grabbing the attention of your audience.

ASimple Interactive Game For presentations

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The interactivity in your presentation depends on all the interactive games and devices you string throughout the talk. The more tools you know and implement, the more interactive your presentation will be. You can’t just rely on one device you have to keep adding more to your toolbox.

Don’t accept the first answer they give you even if it’s the correct one. Tease them for more responses and comment on the answers they give you.

The commenting can be as simple as saying “that’s close,” or you can also use funny remarks to keep your audience engaged in a lighthearted and fun atmosphere.

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You can point to people and put them on the spot and ask them what they think or to make a guess. Once you have some answers, you can reveal the real answer.

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Finally, after you hear from a few of them, you can go ahead and tell the answer. Note that this could be a response that they shouted out already. That’s fine, just tell those people that they were right or close.

That 8767 s why I am always on the lookout for good interactive presentation games to incorporate into my talks. I learn these games and interactivity devices, I try them, and then I share the results with you, and hopefully you try them as well.

Second, when you see an audience member 8767 s eyes glaze over, don 8767 t take it personally. They will tend to check out briefly every 8 seconds, and it 8767 s usually not because of your presentation. Your job is to keep bringing them back to you 🙂

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