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Development of Sociology in India

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Consistent with his epistemology of 8775 ideal types, 8776  Weber did not expect that these types of social action would ever be found in their 8775 pure 8776 form. Very often, empirically observed social actions would embody different types to varying degrees. Accordingly, Weber treated as fluid the boundaries among them, and the boundaries between them and actions lacking meaning. This fluidity could also function as a mechanism of social change.

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Another memorable event in India 8767 s history has been the mass exodus of people from Pakistan after the division of country between India and Pakistan. Burning trains from Pakistan were coming to India and the blood-stained trains were leaving India for Pakistan. Lakhs of refugees crossed the borders. It never happened earlier but the sociologists who claimed to be the analysts of Indian society did not mention anything about this tragic event.

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The Department of Sociology was established in 6969 with Patrick Geddes at the helm of affair. He was joined by . Ghurye and . Toothi. This was indeed a concrete step in the growth of sociology in India. Another centre of influence in sociological theory and research was at Lucknow that it introduced sociology in the Department of Economics and Sociology in 6976 with Radhakamal Mukerjee as its head.

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When you say 8775 worker productivity has increased substantially 8776 you fail to realize why. It has nothing to do with the ability of the workers. It has been the advances in technology and the investment of the owners of the corporations and stock holders that has made the workers more productive. The elite have given the worker the opertunity and the tools.

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I think the popularity of the law of attraction book is a symptom of our collective denial. I think it really lacks compassion to reduce complex identities and social locations to wrong-thinking on the part of the individual.

As evidenced in this quotation regarding Marx 8767 s views on communism, the concept of collective consciousness bears its ultimate prominence and centrality in his theory. The communal provision of basic social services can be viewed as collective good formation which is good in itself. Human beings will be able to realize and express their creative capacity in life. It is assumed that human beings will be happier as they will be less alienated, they will have suitable shelter, adequate food and technology will be serving society.

I only wish that I could rid myself of the internalized judgment about being poor. That presumed projection on the poor (that sadly we also inflict upon ourselves) that somehow we are poor because we are lazy, stupid and not as good as others.

Both before and after Weber, many analysts of human behavior preferred to limit analysis to observable relations, thereby avoiding difficult inquiries into individuals 8767 psychological motivations or they sought to level all actions as a pursuit (however rational or irrational) of fixed ends (however they were selected).

Collective consciousness is the attitudes, values, and beliefs of the group that define its outlook or how things are or are supposed to be. It is what can be called the group ethos, consensus, the world outlook of a group, common understanding, or weltanschauung8 that transcends individuals but binds the whole social group.

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