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The Abstract is a summary of the dissertation which briefly informs the reader about the background, aims and objectives of the research, the main methods used, main findings and conclusions.

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A . is the highest possible degree that you can earn in the US. A . is generally an academic and research-heavy degree where your major goal is to hone highly advanced research skills. Another important aspect of having a . is to create entirely new knowledge to share with others in your industry.

DBA Programs vs. PhD Programs | Doctor of Business

Sport Dissertation Topics Introduction A degree in Sports Science could assist students seeking to build a career in sports therapy, coaching, development or personal training.


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In examples 5 and 6 , the name(s) of the author was not in the bracket but integrated in the text. This way of citation gives more prominence to the author’s voice.  Below, you find verbs/ phrases that can be used in integral references.

Textbooks provide summaries of research without giving you the details of the original research studies. The textbook author has already interpreted the research in a way that you might not agree with. Also, the textbook author might have emphasised aspects that are not relevant for your topic. For your assignments and dissertation, it is important that you read beyond textbooks and try to get up-to-date knowledge of recent research in your research area.

Academic writing does not require a style or vocabulary that is radically different from other types of writing, . writing you might have done professionally or for your first degree. Nor does it require an overuse of technical jargon. You are expected to express yourself in a clear, accurate, concise, objective and coherent manner.

At undergraduate level, some exams and assignments may be designed to test students’ knowledge of facts. At Masters level, you are expected to contribute to knowledge through your writing. It is not enough to report what others in the field have done and written. You are expected to critically analyse the literature and to take a stance , expressing your own voice by challenging existing claims, concepts and theories.

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