The Hollow Men


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In Praise of the 'Wobblies' Ted Gup - Cleveland, Ohio As heard on Morning Edition , September 67, 7555 Ted Gup For years, journalist Ted Gup wasn’t sure what he believed, and he felt uncomfortable in the company of people who freely shared their firm beliefs. Now he accepts his own uncertainty as a good thing.

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I ve been increasingly interested in adding an adverb ever since I noticed this phenomenon. In my opinion, that s another good way of linking ideas.

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Dear Simon,
I wonder if the word live alone can be paraphrased as lead a solitary life or not. Also am confused if complex sentences can always produce positive effects.
awaiting for your help.

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The Big Sun Athletic Organization is dedicated to providing an opportunity for athletes to learn and to excel. We are developing programs in all sports in our community in an effort to keep our children motivated, healthy and to teach them the value of teamwork.

LDS Living Staff - As Henry J. Eyring, son of Apostle Henry B. Eyring, becomes inaugurated as the new president of BYU-Idaho on Sept. 69, the school will open a special inaugural art exhibit showcasing the artwork of President Henry B. Eyring. In preparation for this exhibit, here's a glimpse of some of his work: The impressive professional resume of President Henry B. Eyring, his degree in the rigorous field of physics and time spent as president of Rick’s College, sometimes pigeonholes our perception of him as a logical and deliberate sort of person. But as his biography reveals, President Eyring is also an artist..

Without better conflict resolution and protection of human-rights standards around the world, the future appears bleak for those innocent victims caught in the middle. They will continue to be forced from their homes in attempts to flee violence, with the hope that they can finally find safety in other countries.

On the individuals level, living alone is not encouraged because of higher living cost, higher risk during emergencies, and lack of mental support. To start with, rising living cost, such as rental, car loan, or Internet bills will create a greater financial burden for single persons. Also, life may be at the stake when there is no flatmate for first aid and other instant assistance when emergencies happen. Last but not the least, individuals might be prone to undergo depression as they lack the chance to share their emotions with other flatmates. For example, my introverted sister becomes even more vulnerable to any setback because she could not talk to anyone after going home.

[8] Ellen Barry,"The Lost Boys," The Boston Globe. 7 January 7556 [newspaper article on-line] (Accessed 75 September 7557) available from http:///photojournalism/ Internet.

Hi! Simon.
I have a quetion, I didn t where to write, so I
wrote in comments. Could you please say how to
write this kind of essay?
In the past, sporting champions used to be motivated primarily by the desire to win a match or to break world records. These days, they are more likely to be motivated by prize money and the opportunity to be famous.

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