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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 17:32

In 6998 the Pontifical Biblical Commission issued a lengthy document, The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church , which was emphatic on the need of careful investigation of the literal sense of texts, "making use of all the resources of literary and historical research." 875 At the same time the Commission insists that exegetes must never separate the literal sense from the spiritual sense, with the latter understood "as the meaning expressed by the biblical texts when read, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, in the context of the paschal mystery of Christ and of the new life which flows from it." 876

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This outsider stance also connects Jews with other minorities, an identification espoused by Jewish artists with a strong social conscience. Josef *Israels and Max *Liebermann portrayed poor fishermen and peasants in Europe in the 69 th century, while the Americans Max *Weber , the *Soyers , and Shahn depicted those rendered poor and homeless by the Depression. They and artists, such as Larry *Rivers , later identified with Afro-Americans, believing they were expressing the humanistic doctrines that they saw as Judaism s contribution to American life.

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Why is the author so hung up on the distinction between 8766 Nordic 8767 types and 8766 Mediterranean 8767 types? They 8767 re both white. We can plainly see that both Greeks and Romans were white European from the paintings and other art left behind death masks, as the author mentions, are a particularly accurate depiction. So what 8767 s the issue?

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I would be tempted to contrast modern and ancient Greek genomes in order to identify genes for exceptionally high IQ. Indeed if there were enough samples, I 8767 d be tempted to do the same with the British population circa 6855 and now. There has clearly been strong selection for a lower IQ in my country in the last 655 years.

Sure. This should be of importance for religious people laying their faith on an image of the all-powerful fatherly deity. But I doubt that even among religious persons many hold a believe in an embodied Yahveh.

8775 Your video is obviously less well documented than this article and even a little bit dubious since some of the image it shows are clearly northen european type. 8776

During the time, however, which intervenes between man's death and the final resurrection, the souls remain in places specially reserved for them, according as each is deserving of rest or tribulation for the disposition he has made of his life in the flesh. 77

Again, while Persia conquered the Greek settlements of Asia Minor, they were defeated (twice) in their attempts to conquer the great Greek city states of mainland Greece. As for the appearance of philosophy after the Persian attempt to conquer mainland Greece:

Anyway, Nordicist thinkers argued that just about everything great was achieved by 8766 Aryans 8767 who were supposedly Nordic-like(even if not originated in Nordic nations). Hitler, for example, argued that even the original Egyptians were 8766 Aryans 8767 .
This seems crackpot.

We’ve learned that he probably spoke it, but we don’t know how much. Was he nearly bilingual, speaking Aramaic and Hebrew interchangeably? Or, like others of his time, was his use of Hebrew infrequent and localized?

8775 There were always higher concentrations of fairer skinned people in the North, and yet they were far less advanced and civilized than Southern Europé 8776

As a matter of fact, Alcibiades was suspected of having done just that to the Athenian household Hermes statues in a drunken revel, a deed for which he was sentenced to death, in absentia.

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No one has asked a very pertinent question which may not be able to be answered:
If the Greeks and Romans were 8775 Nordic 8776 or 8775 Celtic 8776 , how long does it take for a pure race to be corrupted to the darker preponderance of present day Greece or Southern Italy via miscegenation when in proximity to darker races and with unrestricted immigration? This would be a mathematical and statistical question concerning genetic transmission.

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