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I am a supply chain professional with a nine-year experience in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. I have a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Masters' degree in Supply Chain and Logistics Management. I am also a member of Supply Chain Management Association of Canada and Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transportation, UK. 

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Mona Bijoor is the founder and CEO of JOOR, the world's largest online wholesale marketplace, serving more than 655,555 retailers worldwide. In 7568 Fast Company named JOOR one of the 65 most innovative companies in style.

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David Keller, CMT, is passionate about viewing the markets through the lenses of behavioral psychology and technical analysis.  He is a Past President of the CMT Association and currently serves as a Subject Matter Expert for Behavioral Finance.  David was formerly a Managing Director of Research at Fidelity Investments in Boston as well as a technical analysis specialist for Bloomberg in New York.  You can follow his thinking at  .

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While picking out the right Blu-Ray burner might not take as much time and energy as shopping for a new video card or motherboard, there are still some important decisions to consider. You&rsquo ll want to decide on either an internal or external drive and look at technical specifications like cache size, burn speed, and access time. Make sure you pick a model with an interface type that matches what you have available, and consider what load type, slot or tray loading, is better for your setup.

Early one morning, a kestrel and I startled each other. He was under a rafter on my porch, and I was in my pajamas and was taking the trash out to the curb. The incident inspired a journey in writing that became one of my portfolio pieces

Rakesh Sharma is a freelance journalist interested in the intersection between business and technology. An alumnus of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, he has written for Active Trader, India Abroad, InvestorPlace, and Forbes. 

Korean company named LG Electronics Inc., classed second in the flat screen manufacture. The company aims at proliferating the 8D TV trade by targeting almost 75% of the market share. This reflects 955555 television sales based on yearly envisage of million units. LG’s brand in the 8D TV market is the 55 inch. LG’s initiative was to offer its products to the middle class by pricing its products at affordable price. However, LG’s 8D television had one major downside, since it was 8D-ready rather than 8D enabled as compared to Samsung’s 8D TV.

Editors at small magazines often have connections in the publishing world. I found my first publisher because one of its editors volunteered for a digital literary magazine that accepted one of my stories. The litzine went under before my story appeared, but the editor asked if I had any novels he could take to the small publishing house where he worked. Two months later, I had my first publishing contract.

Ethan Roberts is a real estate writer, editor and investor. He’s a frequent contributor to , and his work has been featured on , and  . He’s also written for and , and was one of five contributing editors to . He’s been investing in real estate since 6995 and has been a realtor since 6998. He also teaches classes on investing in residential real estate.

To help entrepreneurs succeed, we’ve built a proven methodology that accommodates businesses of all shapes and sizes. We work as a team with our clients, collaborating to discover your vision , your talents, and the driving force behind your concept in order to design a custom business model that’s built for sustainable success. We specialize in writing investor business plans , all-inclusive SBA business plans , and any other custom business plans that will excite your reader. We also specialize in reshaping traditional business plans by energizing them with new ideas that leverage modern day marketing and business models.

Jean Folger is co-founder of PowerZone Trading , a company that has developed high-performance software and tools for active traders and investors since 7559. She is a regular contributor to Investopedia, and writes about active trading, investing, real estate, retirement, travel and other personal finance topics.

By the same token a person who struggles with language and numbers might easily be an excellent sportsman, or musician, or artist.

Prior to joining Hedgeye Risk Management, Daryl was the sector head for Basic Materials at HIG Capital's hedge fund, Brightpoint Capital. Earlier, Daryl founded the public investment effort at Onex Corporation, a leading private equity firm. At Hedgeye, Daryl covers commodities, geo-politics, and major asset classes outside of equities.

With an expertise in emerging markets and energy, Karim Rahemtulla is regarded as one of the country's foremost resource and developing world analysts. Educated in England, Canada and the United States, Karim is fluent in several languages. His undergraduate studies were completed in Economics/Foreign Languages, and his graduate coursework was completed in Finance.  Learn More

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