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SparkNotes: Mrs. Dalloway: Plot Overview

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In this course, you will learn to analyse a range of media text-types found in advertisements, magazine and newspaper articles, television and photography. Comparative studies with literary texts may also be included. The course will cover a number of approaches to the reading and interpretation of a range of media genres.

SparkNotes: Mrs. Dalloway

Examine the formation of the American literary aesthetic, and the critical concepts and ideologies that shape the American nation, through the study of a varied range of literary and critical works from both sides of the Atlantic.

Analyzing Prose: Techniques for Prose Analysis

Our degrees open up a wide range of careers by developing critical and analytical skills, proficiency in assessing evidence, the clear expression of ideas, and the ability to bring together insights from a range of subjects – all of which are attractive to a variety of employers. You will learn to solve problems, to think critically and creatively, and to communicate with clarity.

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Our English degree gives you the opportunity to develop the critical and verbal skills needed for a confident, effective reading of literary and non-literary texts. It develops your core skills in analytical and imaginative reading and writing.

As well as attending to the distinctive features of the individual novels, we will investigate critical and theoretical accounts of the genre, paying particular attention to debates about mimesis, character, narrative voice and plot.

This module subdivides into two five-week sections, on ‘practice’ and ‘close readings’. The first concentrates on pivotal and innovative figures and movements in poetry from the early modern period to the present day, and the second explores fundamental issues in poetry through the lens of individual poems. Both sections are presented with the support of the department’s creative practitioners.

You'll gain an understanding of some major perspectives in modern narrative writing on the problematics of the Great War, with appropriate strategies for analysing and interpreting literary techniques for the exploration of representative themes it concentrates on ways of remembering and/or historicising the war in narratives published between 6978 and 6988.

You also choose three modules (totalling 95 credits) from a range characterised by wide literary, historical and contextual scope, of which at least one must encompass pre-6855 literature.

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We have a dedicated Writers’ Centre that encourages new writing and stimulates debate about all forms of literature. And we award the annual Goldsmiths Prize (for “fiction at its most novel”), which brings critically acclaimed writers like Ali Smith and Eimear McBride to campus.

Portfolios of original creative writing and critical commentaries on your work for each of the Workshops, coursework portfolios, long essays, examinations (various timescales and formats).

This module constitutes a ‘pre-6855’ choice. The module covers the literary and cultural analysis of Shakespeare’s work in its chronological development his poetic language and dramatic art. You read most of Shakespeare’s plays and poems.

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