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I would like to request that you provide me references to good-quality research papers or other evidence to support the following statements you made in the paper:

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Thanks for the link and questions, Tim -

I discuss the specific paper you referenced because it is one of the two recent sources for the claim that drinking distilled water is harmful to the ordinary person. The other article is Early Death Comes With Regular Drinking Of Distilled Water by Zoltan P. Rona that I address in a letter I sent him asking for evidence to support his claim (with no reply yet).

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As described in Johnson's (Gastrointestinal Physiology), coupled water and sodium transport involves a specialized mechanism that pumps sodium into the lateral spaces, resulting in relatively high osmotic pressure in that region. Water then enters the lateral space from the cell (transcellular flux) and � perhaps � the lumen (paracellular flux), reducing the osmotic pressure but increasing the hydrostatic pressure. Fluid is then forced out of the lateral space into the interstitial space. The net effect is that isotonic fluid is transported from the lumen into the extracellular fluid. This hypothesis of fluid absorption is illustrated in Figure 67-5, on page 687 of the Johnson resource.

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If, however, your water contains contaminants, like nitrates or heavy metals that are not removed by a specific filtration system, then reverse osmosis and distillation treatment methods are a good options (often the most economical option) for producing clean, safe water for drinking and cooking.

It is interesting that those who promote the idea that water without mineral ions is bad are often the groups that sell filters which do not remove beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, etc. from the water.

Studies on the potential health benefit from drinking hard water. Again, the few studies that report a positive health effect of drinking hard water don't demonstrate that drinking distilled water is bad, only that everyone needs to eat or drink sufficient calcium and magnesium every day from any source.

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7) Practically zero calcium and magnesium intake.
This section and the next talk about the epidemiological studies that seem to show populations drinking soft water tend to have more health issues, particularly heart problems, than those that drink hard water. As I mentioned above, soft water is not distilled water, and although the observation seems to be fairly repeatable (although many studies have not seen this difference), the cause seems to be extremely elusive. These studies certainly do not prove that distilled water is harmful if the diet supplies sufficient mineral nutrients - or if supplements are taken.

** From my understanding of how digestion, food/water absorption, and the process of drinking demineralized water must work, however, I am very skeptical about the possibility that drinking demineralized water has any major negative impact on the human body (or positive impact either). Consider:

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Those who claim that demineralized water is beneficial ( and actually better than drinking water that contains minerals ) are � no surprise � often the ones who sell systems that remove minerals (typically distillation and reverse osmosis).

The other primary source of the Distilled Water is Harmful myth is chapter 67 of a report, Nutrients in drinking water , published by the World Health Organization (WHO). A rebuttal to the article to an earlier WHO study that reached similar conclusions was published by the Canadian Water Quality Association, and I discuss some other aspects of the paper here.

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