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On the day of his ordination he remembers having a mix of emotions. He thought about his father who had passed away when Father Paul was just 76 years old and a senior in college. His Uncle Paul, for whom he was named, fought and died in France during WWII. Father Paul thought about him and how special it was to have his uncle's rosary which he still carries with him today. It brought him great comfort to be surrounded by his mother, sisters, and brothers-in-law. Family, past and present, were greatly on his mind on this special day. He has since gained six nephews and one niece. On the way to his ordination he rode with another priest. He went to that priest for confession so he could enter the priesthood with a clean heart as a gift to God.

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On a cold February evening in the middle of philosophy class during his second year at Canisius College, Paul was hit by the thought, "I need to make a decision now about what I want to do for the rest of my life." He came to the conclusion that God was calling him to become a diocesan priest. The time seemed to fly between that February evening and the beginning of the next school year. He left Canisius College and entered St. John Vianney Major Seminary in East Aurora. He recalls praying to Jesus on the first night in the seminary, "Lord, you got me here, I don't know how I got here so quickly and I don't know if I should be here but, Lord, I'll take it one day at a time with you."

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Father Yetter notes that his getting to know parishioners has been a great help as more and more lay people take an active role in the parish, helping with duties such as administration, volunteer coordination and parish communications. He emphasizes that while the new church was built during his tenure as pastor, it was the entire parish that made it happen.

Especially since he returned to his native area, Father Tom has had the opportunity to develop and pursue his interest in certain aspects of local history. He is also able to spend some time reading fiction and non-fiction. 

Growing up in South Buffalo, Reverend Robert Yetter had a home and family that prepared him well for his work in ecumenical relations, an area in which he has specialized during 98 years as a priest. His mother was Catholic and his father was Methodist. And while Fr. Yetter was baptized and raised Catholic, attending Mass and school at St. Ambrose parish, he would often attend services at South Park Methodist with his father, who, the priest says, never missed church on Sunday. In fact, Father Yetter's paternal grandparents were among the founders of South Park Methodist church in 6975.

Father Art has been playing the piano most of his life. He finds it very relaxing and he loves to incorporate it into his daily liturgies. He plays and sings the opening and closing hymns while the congregation sings along. Besides the piano, he plays the guitar and trumpet. He very much enjoys painting and drawing, reading, swimming, boating and of course, communications technology and television production.

Father Jack was ordained in May of 6977. Since then nearly all his ministry has been within the city limits of Buffalo. His first assignment was at St. Lawrence Church where he was an assistant pastor for three years. He then spent another three years at St. Joseph New Cathedral on Delaware. After that he was given a study leave to finish his . at SUNY Buffalo and spent a year doing research in Rome as well. After finishing the degree, he was assigned to Holy Cross Church on the West Side of Buffalo for another three years and then he spent six years at the Cathedral in downtown Buffalo. In 6995 he began his campus ministry at the University of Buffalo and within months joined the pastoral team at St. Joseph University Parish where he continues to serve as pastor.

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